But wait, these Kyrgyz people of today are dark haired and more Asian looking than Zehiya'a tribe in the story, who were caucasian with had red hair and green eyes.

In the 10th century the Kyrgyz tribes were closer to their origins, Siberia and Altai; we know now what their appearance was due to the Chinese Tang dynasty records.

Tang Dynasty records describe the Kygyz tribes as: 

"...having primarily Caucasian features, with some having East Asian features."

Ge Jiayun, composed A Record of the Western Regions, in which he said "the people of the Jiankun state all have red hair and green eyes."

"Zehiya is a fictional story placed in Central Asia on the Silk Road along the Taklamakan Desert in the 10th Century. This historical fiction focuses on Zehiya and how much she wishes to have an eagle of her own. She is from a tribe that are falconers and sword makers. Her family line has all had an eagle before, but due to some unforeseen events she loses that chance and has to leave her home and travel on the Silk Road. As she finds new friends and encounters some wonderful adventures, Zehiya is also guided by her Spirit Eagle learning new things as she goes along.

The concept of Zehiya reminded me of the Disney cartoon “BRAVE.” Her distinctive red hair, riding a horse and spiritual eagle, very much resembled the loving character I once enjoyed viewing. I found Zehiya’s character to be very fitting to the story. The literature was reliable, and the author managed to draw a convincing storyline for the journey Zehiya had to take in order to accomplish her goal.

Finding peace and wisdom is not as easy as you may think and as Zehiya pursues to find her teacher, her dreams are what guide her. I enjoyed this aspect of the story and believed the author has potential in creating good books.

Another note must be said that although the work was fiction, I enjoyed the historical accuracy and precision that was kept.

I recommend this novel to young adult readers and people that enjoy spiritual stories."

​Happy Booker

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A Young Adult Novel by Mayra Sonam Paldon

Reviews of "Zehiya"

Zehiya's tribe were the Kyrgyz people originally from north of Issyk Kul, in Yenisei, in Siberia, and the Altai Mountain region.  In ancient times, long before Zehiya'a story is told, Altai was home to the Scythian people. Remnants can be seen in the photo here of present day Kyrgyz people. The hat they are wearings is a traditional Scythian hat. And as is their tradition they are eagle falconers.

Zehiya'a story begins in Barskoon Gorge in Central Asia in the 10th century 

Barskoon Gorge is one of the many river gorges that feed into Lake Issyk Kul.

"I loved this story! Zehiya is sent on a quest with her horse and her falcon to a distant land. I love the survival aspect of this story, as well as the journey. I really enjoyed Zehiya's character, she was well written and interesting. I also loved her love of animals. This story is well written, and a quick read! I also enjoyed the mystery of the Spirit Eagle's quest."​

Stephanie - Adventures Thru Wonderland

"I enjoyed this book!"

Mary Nee

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​With one shining golden eye fixed intently on Zehiya, the Spirit Eagle answered, “You will leave this place. You have another destiny, Zehiya.  You will gather your horse and your falcon, things to aid you in travel, and follow the caravan south.  You will tell no one of your leaving.”

Incredulous, Zehiya asked, “But where am I to go?”

“You will know when you have arrived,” the Spirit Eagle instructed.

Mayra Sonam Paldon

Spirit Adventures Press

Tragedy strikes and Zehiya must leave her home and all she has known. She must travel the silk road.

​Yurt, a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt, are the dwellings of both the nomads and the more settled families, as Zehiya's family was.

Zehiya’s dream is to have an eagle of her own, like her father and his father and her grandmother too. For they are of the Kyrgyz tribe and are a family of falconers and sword makers. They live on Lake Issyk Kul in Central Asia in a time that was long ago, ancient times. When tragedy strikes, Zehiya must leave her home and all she has known to find her teacher, the one that has shown her the path to peace and wisdom. In her dreams the Spirit Eagle guides her as she travels the ancient silk road, on her horse with her falcon. Along the way she is challenged to rise beyond her limitations. And along the way too, she finds true friends. 

A young adult Buddhist fiction novel.

Now the adventure begins!

​ Kyrgyz horses were renowned for their large size, as compared to Mongolian horses,  and speed.