Mayra Sonam Paldon

Spirit Adventures Press

Zehiya’s dream is to have an eagle of her own, like her father and his father and her grandmother too. For they are of the Kyrgyz tribe and are a family of falconers and sword makers. They live on Lake Issyk Kul in Central Asia in a time that was long ago, ancient times. When tragedy strikes, Zehiya must leave her home and all she has known to find her teacher, the one that has shown her the path to peace and wisdom. In her dreams the Spirit Eagle guides her as she travels the ancient silk road, on her horse with her falcon. Along the way she is challenged to rise beyond her limitations. And along the way too, she finds true friends. 


With one shining golden eye fixed intently on Zehiya, the Spirit Eagle answered, “You will leave this place. You have another destiny, Zehiya.  You will gather your horse and your falcon, things to aid you in travel, and follow the caravan south.  You will tell no one of your leaving.”

Incredulous, Zehiya asked, “But where am I to go?”

“You will know when you have arrived,” the Spirit Eagle instructed.

Buddhist Fiction Novels by Mayra Sonam Paldon

A  Novel

Princess of Wisdom

  Warriors of 8th century Tibet are the most powerful force in Asia. Tibet's Emperor, Trisong Detsen, strives to expand his empire and establish Buddhism in Tibet. Potent forces oppose him. 
In this time of struggle Princess Tsogyal gallops her horse free as the wind in the Yarlung Valley below high snow-capped mountains.  
Tsogyal has a dream. Yet, if she wishes to follow it, she must leave her privileged life as a royal princess and embark on a path of danger and the unknown. 

Within these pages her remarkable story is brought to life. 
A Buddhist fiction novel.